Senior Reflection: Harrison Fallon - Men's Lacrosse

Senior Reflection: Harrison Fallon - Men's Lacrosse

MILTON, Mass. – Following the cancellation of the spring seasons due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Senior Days, the Curry College Athletic Department wanted to give the senior student-athletes time to reflect on their career with the Colonels.

We continue our Senior Reflection web series and today we have Harrison Fallon (Wrentham, Mass.) from men's lacrosse:

Major: Management

Favorite Thing About Your Sport: Why do I play my sport you ask? I believe lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport that requires creativity and innate cerebral and athletic abilities. Not only is it fast-growing, but it is fast-moving as well, so one must keep their head on a swivel.

Favorite Moment on the Field With the Colonels: I believe most of my teammates would probably say that their favorite moment was beating Endicott. However, I believe my favorite moment was early in my career when we beat Wentworth on Accepted Students Day.

What Being a Student-Athlete Has Taught You: I know for sure that it has taught me to appreciate every moment with my teammates and coaches. If there is anything that I have learned from this season, it is that the season can be cut short at any moment. Additionally, being a student-athlete has taught me how to be a leader by leading by example and, perhaps, not with my words. Being a student-athlete has made me a better person and a better human being.

What You'll Miss Most About Your Team, Curry, and Being a Student-Athlete: I will miss the feeling after a win on Saturdays, because that always meant that we wouldn't have to practice Sunday (well...most of the time). I'll miss my meetings with Coach Murphy because it wasn't always about lacrosse. The conversations were about how I would develop as a person, how I was adapting to things going on in my social life, and how I was preparing for life after college. Finally, I will miss my teammates, or as I am proud to call some of them, "friends for life".

Plans Post-Graduation and How Being a Student-Athlete Has Prepared You For Your Future Career Goals: I was able to obtain a two-credit internship for a company based in Italy this fall, and I plan to follow up with them for potential post-grad opportunities.

What Advice You Would Give to Future Colonel Student-Athletes: Some pieces of advice that I would give are to cherish the time you will have together with your teammates and coaches. Also, please hang out with other students that are not on your team. I believe it is important to develop relationships outside of your sport, because you are with your team 3-6 hours a day at times. Make new friends and try to complete any academic work before a game or practice so that you aren't thinking about it on the field. Finally, be grateful that you are able to call yourself a student-athlete.


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