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Curry College Sports Information handles all media requests and public relations initiatives for the Colonels' 14 varsity athletic programs. Content for the Curry Athletics website,, as well as all social media channels across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are created by the sports information office. Gameday programs, pre- and post-game releases, in-game statistics, feature stories, and the majority of all video content, including webcasts, are designed and managed by the staff. Information is distributed to regional and national media outlets. Team and individual statistics are recorded, compiled, and reported to Curry's Commonwealth Coast Conference affiliations and the NCAA.

All interview requests for student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, as well as requests for usage of the Curry College Athletics logo, should be sent through Assistant Athletic Director for Communications Chris McKeon or Sports Information Assistant Paul Bleau. Contact information for the sports information office can be found below.


Chris McKeon, Assistant Athletic Director for Communications (Contact for football, women's soccer, men's ice hockey, men's basketball, baseball, softball, men's tennis) or (617) 333-2324

Paul Bleau, Sports Information Assistant (Contact for women's volleyball, men's soccer, women's tennis, women's cross country, women's basketball, women's lacrosse, men's lacrosse) or (617) 333-2324



All interviews with Curry student-athletes and coaches must be directed through the sports information office with 24 hours notice. Postgame interviews should be coordinated through sports information staff. 


Individuals wishing for on-field/on-court access for photography must contact the sports information office prior to the event. For the safety of the players, photographers are restricted to certain areas of the floor and field. Please see the sports information staff for further information. Individuals who have not been cleared by the sports information office will be denied access.

The Curry Athletics website,, is the most up-to-date source of information on Curry Athletics. Stories and statistics for Curry home events will be posted on the site within 90 minutes of the conclusion of the contest. Results and statistics from away contests will be posted within a reasonable time frame following the contest.



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For our current student-athletes, we wish to maintain accurate biographical information. Please use the form at the link below to provide your publicity report. By submitting the form, you are granting permission to the sports information office to release pertinent data. Thank you for your support of Curry athletics.

Sports Information Student-Athlete Profile Form